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Guide to links and other material provided

Headers and footers

The links identified above are provided at the outset and at the conclusion of each case presentation. They are inserted to automatically open up the remainder of the database to case researchers.

Case history

In many instances we have presentations on upper court or lower court rulings on a case. Links to these presentations are provided.

Case abstracts

Wherever UNCITRAL has provided a CLOUT abstract, it is presented. Other abstracts are also presented. However, many case presentation are not yet accompanied by abstracts.

Key CISG provisions at issue

Each article cited on the line of the case presentation entitled "Key CISG provisions at issue" is linked to an annotated text of the article. Annotations provide electronic access to:

Classifications of issues

Where the issues have been classified, two types of classifications are generally provided:

The source materials used to make these classifications have been full-text of the case (English language texts, where the case has been reported in this language) and English translation of the text of the case (where available); and, in other instances, case abstracts (UNCITRAL abstracts and other abstracts, including Unilex case abstracts) supplemented by other available material, e.g., case commentaries. Not all of the cases we report are at this time so classified.

Citations section of the case presentation

Whenever we have an electronic text of a case abstract, case text or case commentary that addressed or cites the case you are considering, a link to this text is provided. For commentaries, the link accesses either the full text or a relevant excerpt with a link to the full text of the commentary.

Case texts: full-text original texts and full-text translated texts

Depending on the country, a certain number of translated texts and a high proportion of original texts of all of the cases we report are available.

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