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Article 95. Declaration Not to be Bound by Article 1(1)(b)


Any State may declare at the time of the deposit of its instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession that it will not be bound by subparagraph (1)(b) of article 1 of this Convention.


[See analysis of Article 1, supra ]


Final provisions ; Declaration, Art. 95


Germany 21 April 2004 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Düsseldorf [15 U 88/03] [detailed abstract available]

United States 20 June 2003 U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals [3d Cir.] (Standard Bent Glass Corp. v. Glassrobots Oy)

United States 22 November 2002 U.S. District Court [Florida] (Impuls v. Psion-Teklogix)

France 24 October 2000 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Colmar [translation available]

Germany 13 April 2000 Amtsgericht [Lower Court] Duisburg [translation available]

Japan 19 March 1998 Chiho Saibansho [District Court] Tokyo

ICC March 1995 International Court of Arbitration, Case 7645 [English text]

Germany 10 February 1994 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Düsseldorf [6 U 32/93] [translation available]

Germany 2 July 1993 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Düsseldorf [translation available]

ICC 1992 International Court of Arbitration, Case 7197

Germany 17 September 1991 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Frankfurt [translation available]

Germany 27 September 1991 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Koblenz

Germany 13 June 1991 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Frankfurt

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