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You may search using any terms you wish, using simple Boolean searching (i.e.: AND and OR), or you may also use proximity operators: eg.: statute pre/3 frauds or quality w/10 inspection. Bear in mind that some English words, such as articles and prepositions, are not counted as words and will not be searched. Truncation (i.e.: stemming) is accomplished by means of a single asterisk [*].

The most productive searches will use the most specific or particular words for the subject you are researching. For instance, if you are searching for materials discussing a particular article of the CISG, entering words from the subject of that article could retrieve useful results.

Note that searching by phrases is not possible at this time; but you can use the w/1 connector to simulate a phrase search. Thus, to search for "battle of the forms" enter "battle w/1 forms" ("of" and "the" are not counted).

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