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Bibliography of CISG Materials in Hebrew

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RABELLO, Alfredo Mordechai / LERNER, Pablo [Israel]

2001. The UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts and Israeli Law [ - in Hebrew], in: Rabello ed., The Principles of UNIDROIT and Modern National Codifications, Jerusalem: Harry and Michael Sacher Institute for Legislative Research and Comparative Law, Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2001) 7-32

REICH, Arie [Israel]

1997. Chok HaMecher (Mecher Tovin Beinleumi) 1971: VeYashan Mipney Chadash Tozioh [The Uniform Law on the International Sales of Goods: A Need for Revision - in Hebrew], 14 Bar-Ilan Law Studies 127 (1997) 141-147, 166-168 [discusses improvements upon the CISG over ULIS and its fit with existing Israeli law; refers to and criticizes a recent Israeli Supreme Court reference to Art. 42 CISG by analogy, and an Israeli proposal to make its CISG applicable to all international transactions, even those in which the other party is not from another Contracting State (like the "imperialistic" approach of ULIS)] For an English abstract of this commentary, go to the CISG-Israel database at <>

REICH, Arie [Israel]

2001. [Globalization and Law: The Future Impact of International Law on Israel's Commercial Law - in Hebrew], 17 Bar Ilan Law Studies (2001) 17-71

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