SCHELHAAS, Harriet [Netherlands]

2009. Provisions of the UNIDROIT Principles on Non-Performance: Arts. 7.1.1 (Non-performance defined), 7.1.2 (Interference by the other party), 7.1.3 (Withholding performance), 7.1.4 (Cure by non-performing party), 7.1.5 (Additional period for performance), 7.16 (Exemption clause); and on Right to Performance: Arts. 7.2.1 (Performance of monetary obligations), 7.2.2 (Performance of non-monetary obligations), 7.2.3 (Repair and replacement of defective performance), 7.2.4 (Judicial penalty), 7.2.5 (Change of remedy), in: Stefan Vogenauer / Jan Kleinheisterkamp eds., Commentary on the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts, (PICC), Oxford University Press (2009) 726-765 and 777 to 812