HORN, Norbert [Germany]

2001. The Use of Transnational Law in the Contract Law of International Law and Finance, in: Klaus Peter Berger ed., The Practice of Transnational Law, Kluwer Law International (2001) 67-80 [Definitions (Transnational Sources of Law, Modes of Application of Transnational Law), The Application of Codified Transnational Law (The Rule of Internationally Uniform Interpretation, The Interpretation of the CISG in National Courts), European Community Law (EU Treaties and Conventions, The Interpretation of National Law Enacted in Conformity with EU Directives), The UNIDROIT Principles (Significance and Modes of Application, Choice of UNIDROIT Principles, The Principles Used to Aid in the Interpretation of the CISG, The UNIDROIT Principles and the Interpretation of Domestic Law, The UNIDROIT Principles as Trade Usage), Other Unofficial Sources of Transnational Law of Commercial and Financial Contracts (Types of Sources, Modes of Application, The Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, The UN Convention on Independent Guarantees and Stand-by Letters of Credit, FIDIC Standard Forms of Contract]