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UNCITRAL outline of the CISG


In 1995, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law commissioned Professor John O. Honnold (working in conjunction with Professor Michael Joachim Bonell and Ambassador Mahmoud Soliman) to devise a classification of each of the provisions of the CISG.

This classification or outline of the CISG (referred to by UNCITRAL as a thesaurus) is presented in this database with the permission of the United Nations.

This outline was designed for recording, classifying, and retrieving decisions under the CISG. As a detailed breakdown of the subjects addressed in each provision of the CISG, it has broader utility: to professors and students as a learning aid, and to practitioners and jurists as a guide to the contents of each article of the CISG.

You may use the search utility of your web browser to search for particular words or concepts in this outline.

Pace Law School Institute of International Commercial Law - March 1996

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