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Match-up of CISG article 34 with ULIS provisions

CISG Article 34 ULIS Article 50
If the seller is bound to hand over documents Where the seller is bound to hand over to the buyer any
relating to the goods, he must hand them documents relating to the goods, he shall do so at the
over at the time and place and in the time and place fixed by the contract or by usage.
form required by the contract. If the seller has
handed over documents before that time, ULIS Article 51
he may, up to that time, cure any lack of
conformity in the documents, if the exercise of this If the seller fails to hand over documents as provided in
right does not cause the buyer unreasonable Article 50 at the time and place fixed or if he hands
inconvenience or unreasonable expense. over documents which are not in conformity with those which
However, the buyer retains any right to claim he was bound to hand over, the
damages as provided in this Convention. buyer shall have the same rights as those provided under
Articles 24 to 32 or under Articles 41 to 49, as the case
may be.

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