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Legislative history of CISG article 70: Match-up with 1978 Draft to assess relevance of Secretariat Commentary

1978 Draft article 82 CISG article 70

If the seller has committed a fundamen- If the seller had committed a fundamen- tal breach of contract, the provisions of tal breach of contract, articles 67, 68 articles 79, 80 and 81 do not impair the and 69 do not impair the remedies avail- remedies available to the buyer on able to the buyer on account of the account of such breach. breach.

Editorial comments

CISG article 70 contains several word changes, none of which is in any way substantive. The Secretariat Commentary on 1978 Draft article 82 should therefore be relevant to the interpretation of CISG article 70.

Pace Law School Institute of International Commercial Law - Last updated July 12, 1999

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