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Article 84

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UNCITRAL Digest cases for Article 84 plus added cases for this Article

UNCITRAL has identified relevant cases in Digests containing case annotations for each article of the CISG. UNCITRAL cites 26 cases in its 2012 Digest of Art. 84 case law:

China       2      ICC      4                                   
Finland        1      Italy          2                                    
France    5    Russian Federation           1                                    
Germany          7     Switzerland           3                    
Greece          1     TOTAL      26                                    

Presented below is a composite list of Art. 84 cases reporting UNCITRAL Digest cases and other Art. 84 cases. All cases are listed in chronological sequence, commencing with the most recent. Asterisks identify the cases cited in the 2008 and 2012 UNCITRAL Digests, commencing with the Greece 2009 citation reported below. Cases are coded to the UNCITRAL Thesaurus.

English texts and full-text English translations of cases are provided as indicated. In most instances researchers can also access UNCITRAL abstracts and link to Unilex abstracts and full-text original-language case texts sourced from Internet websites and other data, including commentaries by scholars to the extent available.

For a case annotated analysis of issues associated with Consequences of Avoidance of the Contract, go to CISG-Advisory Council Opinion No. 9, dated 15 November 2008. Rapporteur: Professor Michael G. Bridge. Opinion unanimously adopted by the CISG-AC: Eric E. Bergsten (Chair); Michael Joachim Bonell, Michael G. Bridge, Alejandro M. Garro, Roy M. Goode, John Y. Gotanda, Sergei N. Lebedev, Pilar Perales Viscasillas, Jan Ramberg, Ingeborg Schwenzer, Hiroo Sono, Claude Witz (Members); Sieg Eiselen (Secretary)

Germany 24 September 2014 Federal Supreme Court (Tools case) 84B

Serbia 6 July 2011 Appellate Commercial Court (Automatic machine for production of fax, adding and thermo rolls case) 84A [translation available]

China 14 October 2010 Hebei High People's Court [Appellate Court] (Sheet glass case) [translation available]

Serbia 31 May 2010 Foreign Trade Court attached to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (Mobile Shear Baler case) 84A

France 11 May 2010 Cour de cassation (Ultimate Solution Company contre Union International Oil and Gaz Material Pictures)

Denmark 26 February 2010 Maritime and Commercial Court Copenhagen (Diesel jeans case)

Switzerland 14 December 2009 Kantonsgericht [District Court] Zug (Spinning company case)

Netherlands 29 July 2009 Rechtbank [District Court] Arnhem (Minibus case)

Russia 30 June 2009 Arbitration proceeding 11/2009 [translation available]

Estonia 12 June 2009 Harju County Court (Workbench case) 84A

Germany 29 May 2009 District Court Dresden (Cars case) 84A

Switzerland 18 May 2009 Bundesgericht [Federal Supreme Court] (Packaging machine case) [translation available]

Austria 2 April 2009 Oberster Gerichtshof [Supreme Court] (Boiler case) [translation available]

* Greece 2009 Decision 4505/2009 of the Multi-Member Court of First Instance of Athens (Bullet proof vest case) [editorial analysis available]

* Italy 11 December 2008 Tribunale di Forli [District Court] (Mitias v. Solidea S.r.l.) 84A [translation available]

Poland 20 November 2008 Warsaw Court of Appeals (Truck case)

France 18 September 2008 Cour d’appel de Lyon (Vehicles case) 84A ; 84B ; 84C

Switzerland 12 September 2008 Amtsgericht [District Court] Sursee (Second-hand tractor case)

* China 18 April 2008 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2008/01] (PTA powder case) 84A [translation available]

Germany 14 February 2008 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Karlsruhe (Antique Jaguar sport car case) 84B [translation available]

Denmark 19 October 2007 Rettin i Københaven [District Court] (Pony case)

Slovak Republic 10 October 2007 Regional Court Bratislava (Spare parts case) [translation available]

Serbia 1 October 2007 Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration, Serbian Chamber of Commerce (Timber case) 84A [translation available]

China October 2007 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2007/03] (CD-R and DVD-R production line systems case) 84A [translation available]

Slovak Republic 27 June 2007 Supreme Court Zilina (Elastic fitness clothing case) 84A [translation available]

Switzerland 19 April 2007 Pretore del Distretto [District Court] Lugano (Children's play structure case) 84A [translation available]

Russia 15 November 2006 Arbitration Award 98/2005 (Feedstock equipment case) 84A [translation available]

Switzerland 8 November 2006 Zivilgericht [Civil Court] Basel-Stadt (Packaging machine case) [translation available]

Serbia 30 October 2006 Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration, Serbian Chamber of Commerce (Trolleybus case) 84A [translation available]

China August 2006 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2006/13] (Chilling press case) [translation available]

Germany 21 June 2006 Amtsgericht [Lower Court] Landsberg (Dust ventilator case) 84A [translation available]

Spain 22 May 2006 Court of First Instance of Badalona (Bermuda shorts case) 84A [translation available]

China May 2006 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2006/18] (LDPE film case) 84A [translation available]

Russia 27 October 2005 Arbitration Award 132/2004 84A [translation available]

China 12 September 2005 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2005/18] (Hydraulic pressure geologic equipment case) 84B2 [translation available]

Germany 11 April 2005 Landgericht [District Court] Frankfurt [translation available]

Spain 29 March 2005 Juzgado de Primera Instancia [Court of First Instance] Tudela 84A [translation available]

Russia 24 January 2005 Arbitration Award 68/2004

Russia 25 June 2004 Arbitration Award 120/2003 [translation available]

Belgium 4 June 2004 Rechtbank van Koophandel [District Court] Kortrijk 84A [translation available]

Finland 31 May 2004 Hovioikeus hovrätt [Appellate Court] Helsinki (Chemicals case) 84A ; 84B [editorial analysis available]

Germany 28 May 2004 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Düsseldorf [translation available]

Russia 28 May 2004 Arbitration Award 175/2003 84A [translation available]

Russia 19 May 2004 Arbitration Award 100/2002 84A [translation available]

Ukraine 15 April 2004 Tribunal of International Commercial Arbitration, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce & Trade [translation available]

Switzerland 27 January 2004 Kantonsgericht [District Court] Schaffhausen 84A [translation available]

Belgium 11 September 2003 Hof van Beroep [Appellate Court] Gent

Russia 16 June 2003 Arbitration Award No. 135/2002 84A [translation available]

Germany 15 July 2003 Landgericht [District Court] Mönchengladbach [translation available]

Russia 16 April 2003 Arbitration Award No. 99/2002 84A [translation available]

Netherlands 22 January 2003 Rechtbank [District Court] Zwolle

* Germany 19 December 2002 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Karlsruhe 84A [translation available]

Switzerland 2 December 2002 Tribunal Cantonal [Appellate Court] Valais 84A ; 84B [translation available]

Canada 20 September 2002 Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench (Brown & Root v. Aerotech) 84A

Germany 22 August 2002 Landgericht [District Court] Freiburg 84A ; 84B [translation available]

Belgium 15 May 2002 Hof van Beroep [Appellate Court] Gent 84B [translation available]

Spain 12 February 2002 Audiencia Provincial [Appellate Court] Barcelona 84A [translation available]

Austria 14 January 2002 Oberster Gerichtshof [Supreme Court] [translation available]

China 27 July 2000 CIETAC Arbitration award 84A [translation available]

Belarus 31 May 2000 International Court of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Belarus Republic 84A

Russia 11 February 2000 Arbitration award 226/1999 [translation available]

China 19 January 2000 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/2000/08] (Steel cylinders case) 84A [translation available]

China 17 December 1999 Rizho Intermediate People's Court 84A [translation available]

* France 21 October 1999 Cour d’appel [Appellate Court] Grenoble [translation available]

Austria 29 June 1999 Oberster Gerichtshof [Supreme Court] [translation available]

China 28 May 1999 CIETAC Arbitration award 84A [translation available]

* France 26 May 1999 Supreme Court (Schreiber v. Thermo Dynamique) [translation available]

China 30 March 1999 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1999/15] (Electric heaters case) 84A [translation available]

China 30 March 1999 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1999/17] (Electric heater case) 84A [translation available]

* ICC March 1999 International Court of Arbitration, Case 9978 [English text]

* Germany 29 December 1998 Hamburg Arbitration award 84A [translation available]

China 30 November 1998 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1998/08] (Glassware case) 84A [translation available]

Russia 9 June 1998 Arbitration award 263/1997 84A [translation available]

* Switzerland 15 January 1998 Tribunale d'appello [Appellate Court] Lugano [translation available]

* France 14 January 1998 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Paris

Russia 12 January 1998 Arbitration award 152/1996 84A [translation available]

Russia 25 December 1997 Arbitration award 53/1997 [translation available]

China 31 July 1997 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1997/24]

Switzerland 12 June 1997 Pretore [District Court] Lugano

Russia 29 May 1997 Arbitration award 439/1995 84A [translation available]

China 23 April 1997 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1997/08] (Automobile case) 84A [translation available]

China 11 April 1997 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1997/05] (Silicon metal case) 84A [translation available]

* Switzerland 20 February 1997 Bezirksgericht [District Court] Saane 84A [translation available]

* Switzerland 5 February 1997 Handelsgericht [Commercial Court] Zürich 84A [translation available]

China 23 December 1996 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1996/57] (Carbazole case) 84A [translation available]

* France 21 November 1996 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Aix-en-Provence 84A [translation available]

* Finland 5 November 1996 [District Court] Kuopio 84A [translation available]

China 22 May 1996 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1996/25] (Broadcasting equipment case) 84A [translation available]

Russia 25 April 1996 Arbitration award 72/1995 84A [translation available]

Germany 19 December 1995 Landgericht [District Court] Krefeld

Russia 19 December 1995 Arbitration award 133/1994 84A [translation available]

Russia 1 December 1995 Arbitration award 22/1995 84A [translation available]

Germany 11 October 1995 Landgericht [District Court] Düsseldorf [translation available]

* Germany 24 May 1995 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Celle 84C [translation available]

Australia 28 April 1995 Federal District Court, Adelaide (Roder v. Rosedown)

* France 6 April 1995 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Paris 84A [translation available]

* Germany 5 April 1995 Landgericht [District Court] Landshut 84A [translation available]

China 10 March 1995 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1995/03] (Polyethylene film case) 84A [translation available]

* Germany 8 February 1995 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Hamm (Socks case) [translation available]

* Germany 8 February 1995 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] München [7 U 1720/94] [translation available]

* Germany 1 February 1995 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Oldenburg 84b [translation available]

China 5 September 1994 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1994/10] (Weaving machines, tools and accessories case) 84A [translation available]

* ICC 23 August 1994 International Court of Arbitration, Case 7660 84A [English text]

Germany 6 July 1994 Landgericht [District Court] Oldenburg

* Germany 4 May 1994 Amtsgericht [Lower Court] Charlottenburg 84B1 [translation available]

* Russia 15 April 1994 Arbitration award 1/1993 84A

China 11 April 1994 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1994/06] (Old paper case) 84A [translation available]

China 6 April 1994 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1994/05] (Printing machine case) 84A [translation available]

Germany 18 January 1994 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Frankfurt [translation available]

* ICC 1994 International Court of Arbitration, Case 7531 84A [English text]

ICC 1994 International Court of Arbitration, Case 7585

China 20 July 1993 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1993/10] (Shaping machine case) 84A [translation available]

* ICC 26 March 1993 International Court of Arbitration, Case 6653 84A [translation available]

China 25 February 1993 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1993/05] (Terylene texturing machine case) 84A [translation available]

ICC 1992 International Court of Arbitration, Case 7585 [English text]

* China 30 October 1991 CIETAC Arbitration award 85A [translation available]

* Italy 24 November 1989 Pretura circondariale [District Court] Parma 84A [translation available]

Israel 11 March 1981 Supreme Court (Kalanit HaSharon v. Horwitz)

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