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Article 71

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UNCITRAL Digest cases for Article 71 plus added cases for this Article

UNCITRAL has identified relevant cases in Digests containing case annotations for each article of the CISG. UNCITRAL cites 39 cases from the following jurisdictions in its 2012 Digest of Art. 71 case law:

Austria       4      Hungary      2      Switzerland         3                  
Belgium    3      ICC          5     United States         2                    
Canada    1      Netherlands          3                                     
China          1     Poland          1                                            
Germany       12      Russian Federation         2     TOTAL      39                                                             

Presented below is a composite list of Art. 71 case citations identifying UNCITRAL Digest cases and other Art. 71 cases. All cases are listed in chronological sequence, commencing with the most recent. Asterisks identify the cases cited in the 2008 and 2012 UNCITRAL Digests, commencing with the 29 July 2009 citation reported below. Cases are coded to the UNCITRAL Thesaurus.

English texts and full-text English translations of cases are provided as indicated. In most instances researchers can also access UNCITRAL abstracts and link to Unilex abstracts and full-text original-language case texts sourced from Internet websites and other data, including commentaries by scholars to the extent available.

There are scholars who believe that there are circumstances in which the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts may be used to interpret or supplement this Article of the CISG. See match-up of this Article with counterpart provisions of the Principles and commentary on this subject. To the extent this reasoning fits, cases on the counterpart provisions of the UNIDROIT Principles may be relevant. To the extent available, such cases may be found on the Unilex website.

Germany 24 September 2014 Federal Supreme Court (Tools case)

United States 10 September 2013 District Court [Pennsylvania] (Roser Technologies, Inc. v. Carl Schreiber GmbH) 71A1

Germany 24 April 2013 Provincial Court of Appeal (Printed work case)

Netherlands 11 February 2013 District Court 's-Hertogenbosch (Unilux Specials BV v. Metaco Inc.) 71A ; 71A1 ; 71C ; 71C1

United States 21 March 2012 Federal District Court [Illinois] (Car amplifiers case)

Austria 31 January 2012 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Linz (Locker case) 71A

Germany 15 July 2010 Appellate Court Hamburg (Medical equipment case) [translation available]

Germany 11 November 2009 Landgericht [District Court] Stuttgart (Packaging machinery case) [translation available]

* Netherlands 29 July 2009 Rechtbank [District Court] Arnhem (Minibus case) 71B1 ; 71C2

* United States 29 May 2009 Federal District Court [New York] (Doolim Corp. v. R Doll LLC et al.) 71A1

* Germany 19 May 2008 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Köln (Pesticide case) 71A1 [translation available]

* Germany 27 November 2007 Bundesgerichtshof [Federal Supreme Court] 71A1 [translation available]

Latvia 20 November 2007 Court of Limbazi District 71A

Netherlands 18 July 2007 Rechtbank [District Court] Utrecht (Prodema S.A. v. Michon B.V) 71C [translation available]

* Switzerland 17 July 2007 Bundesgericht [Federal Supreme Court] (Kickboards, scooters case) 71A11 [translation available]

Hungary 6 June 2007 Congrád County Court (Clothing case) [translation available]

* Poland 11 May 2007 Supreme Court (Shoe leather case) 71A1 [translation available]

Switzerland 2 April 2007 Kassationsgericht [Canton Supreme Court] Zürich 71A11 [translation available]

France 20 February 2007 Cour de cassation [Supreme Court] (Perfume case) 71A11 [translation available]

Switzerland 20 December 2006 Bundesgericht [Supreme Court] [translation available]

China September 2006 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2006/10] (Printing machine case) 71A [translation available]

* Russia 13 April 2006 Arbitration Award 105/2005 71A [translation available]

Russia 14 February 2006 Arbitration Award 7/2005 [translation available]

Russia 13 February 2006 Arbitration Award 102/2005 (Equipment case) 71A1 [translation available]

Russia 20 January 2006 Arbitration Award 84/2005 [translation in process]

* Austria 8 November 2005 Oberster Gerichtshof [Supreme Court] 71A1 [translation available]

Netherlands 11 October 2005 Gerechtshof [Appellate Court] 's-Hertogenbosch

Netherlands 31 August 2005 Gerechtshof [Appellate Court] Leeuwarden (Auto-Moto Styl S.R.O. v. Pedro Boat B.V.) 71A [translation available]

China 29 June 2005 Shanghai Intermediate People's Court [District Court] (Yiwu Ma Ji Import and Export Co. Ltd. v. Y&Q International Group) 71A [translation available]

Mexico 26 May 2005 Distrito Federal. Acuerdo del Quinto Tribunal Colegiado en Materia Civil del Primer Circuito (Agrofrut Rengo, S.A. v. Levadura Azteca, S.A. de C.V) [Amparo proceeding No. 293/2005 (2925/2005). Appellant: Levadura Azteca]

China 24 February 2005 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2005/07] (Pork case) 71A [translation available]

China 24 February 2005 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2005/08] (Second pork case) 71A ; 71B ; 71C [translation available]

Ukraine 2005 Arbitration Award Case no. 48 71C1 [translation available]

Russia 12 November 2004 Arbitration Award 174/2003 [translation available]

Germany 6 October 2004 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Frankfurt 71A [translation available]

Germany 22 July 2004 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Düsseldorf [translation available]

Germany 20 July 2004 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Karlsruhe (Shoes case) 71A [translation available]

Russia 24 May 2004 Arbitration Award 138/2003 71A1 [translation available]

Ukraine 15 April 2004 Tribunal of International Commercial Arbitration, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce & Trade [translation available]

France 19 February 2004 Appellate Court Versailles (Perfume case)

Spain 5 February 2004 Audiencia Provincial [Appellate Court] Cantabria 71B

Netherlands 27 January 2004 Gerechtshof [Appellate Court] 's-Hertogenbosch

Netherlands 16 December 2003 Gerechtshof [Appellate Court] 's-Hertogenbosch

Germany 15 September 2003 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Rostock 71A12 [translation available]

* Canada 21 August 2003 British Columbia Supreme Court (Mansonville v. Kurtz) 71A1

* Switzerland 10 March 2003 Kantonsgericht [District Court] Appenzell Auserrhoden 71A [translation available]

* ICC 2003 International Court of Arbitration, Case 11849 (Fashion products case) 71A [English text]

China 27 December 2002 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2002/29] (Medicine manufacturing equipment case) 71A1 [translation available]

* Netherlands 15 October 2002 Netherlands Arbitration Institute Case No. 2319 71C [English text]

Russia 6 August 2002 Arbitration Court [Appellate Court] for Western Siberia Region (Case No. F04/2712-494/A03-2002) 71A [translation available]

Germany 21 December 2001 Landgericht [District Court] Hamburg (Natural stones case) 71A1 [translation available]

* United States 17 December 2001 U.S. District Court [Michigan] (Shuttle Packaging Systems v. Tsonakis)

* Germany 29 May 2001 Landgericht [District Court] Darmstadt 71A ; 71C [translation available]

China February 2001 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/2001/01] (Equipment, material and services case) [translation available]

* Germany 12 October 2000 Landgericht [District Court] Stendal 71A [translation available]

* Belgium 26 April 2000 Hof van Beroep [Appellate Court] Gent 71C [translation available]

Germany 6 April 2000 Landgericht [District Court] München 71A1 [translation available]

Spain 27 March 2000 Audiencia Provincial [Appellate Court] Navarra

ICC 2000 International Court of Arbitration, Case 8790 71A1 [English text]

* Germany 27 December 1999 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Dresden 71A1 [translation available]

Germany 28 October 1999 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Braunschweig [translation available]

* Russia 27 July 1999 Arbitration award 302/1996 71C1 [translation available]

* ICC July 1999 International Court of Arbitration, Case 9448 [English text]

China 1 March 1999 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1999/12] (Canned mandarin oranges case) 71A1 [translation available]

ICC 1999 International Court of Arbitration, Case 8547 71A1 [English text]

* Netherlands 2 October 1998 Arrondissementsrechtbank [District Court] 's Hertogenbosch 71A [translation available]

* Germany 23 June 1998 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Hamm 71A1 ; 71C [translation available]

China 22 June 1998 Shanghai Second Intermediate People's Court [District Court] (China Yitou Group Company. v. Germany Gerhard Freyso LTD GmbH & Co.) 71A [translation available]

Russia 25 May 1998 Arbitration award 104/1997 71A1 [translation available]

* Austria 12 February 1998 Oberster Gerichtshof [Supreme Court] 71A11 [translation available]

Russia 22 January 1998 Arbitration award 102/1997 71A ; 71C [translation available]

China 16 December 1997 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1997/35] (Hot-dipped galvanized steel coils case) 71A [translation available]

* Germany 24 April 1997 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Düsseldorf 71A [translation available]

* ICC 23 January 1997 International Court of Arbitration, Case 8611 [translation available]

* Germany 8 January 1997 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Köln 71A1 [translation available]

* ICC January 1997 International Court of Arbitration, Case 8786 71A [English text]

China 18 December 1996 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1996/56] (Lentil case) 71A1 [translation available]

* ICC September 1996 International Court of Arbitration, Case 8574 71A [English text]

China 8 August 1996 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1996/36] (Diaper machine case) 71A12 [translation available]

* Switzerland 31 May 1996 Zürich Chamber of Commerce, Arbitration ZHK 273/1995 [English text]

Germany 19 April 1996 Landgericht [District Court] Aachen

China 29 March 1996 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1996/16] (Natural rubber case) 71A1 [translation available]

China 27 February 1996 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1996/11] (Wool case) [translation available]

* Austria 6 February 1996 Oberster Gerichtshof [Supreme Court] [translation available]

* Hungary 5 December 1995 Budapest Arbitration award Vb 94131 71A12 [translation available]

Netherlands 30 November 1995 Arrondissementsrechtbank [District Court] Roermond

* Hungary 17 November 1995 Budapest Arbitration award Vb 94124 71A1 ; 71D3

Belarus 5 October 1995 Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry International Court of Arbitration Case No. 24/13-95 (ATT v.Armco) 71A1 [translation available]

Germany 21 September 1995 Landgericht [District Court] Kassel 71A11 [translation available]

* Austria 23 May 1995 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Linz

* Belgium 1 March 1995 Rechtbank van Koophandel [District Court] Hasselt 71A

* Germany 15 September 1994 Landgericht [District Court] Berlin 71A1 [translation available]

China 30 March 1994 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1994/04] (Cow's liver fungus case) 77A [translation available]

Bulgaria 24 January 1994 Bulgaria Chamber of Commerce Arbitration award 39/93 71A [translation available]

* Germany 14 January 1994 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Düsseldorf [translation available]

* Belgium 13 November 1992 Tribunal commercial [District Court] Bruxelles 71A [translation available]

* Germany 22 September 1992 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Hamm (Frozen bacon case) [translation available]

Germany 9 July 1992 Landgericht [District Court] Düsseldorf

* Germany 31 January 1991 Amtsgericht [Lower Court] Frankfurt 71B ; 71C [translation available (excerpt)]

China 1989 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1989/02] (Thai-made emulsion case) 71A ; 71C [translation available]

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