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Article 44

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UNCITRAL Digest cases for Article 44 plus added cases for this Article

UNCITRAL has identified relevant cases in Digests containing case annotations for each article of the CISG. UNCITRAL cites 26 cases in its 2012 Digest of Art. 44 case law:

Austria         2           ICC       3 Russian Federation        1
Denmark         1           Italy       2           Spain       1
Germany 13 Netherlands       1 Switzerland        2
                TOTAL:   26

Presented below is a composite list of Art. 44 cases reporting UNCITRAL Digest cases and other Art. 44 cases. All cases are listed in chronological sequence, commencing with the most recent. Asterisks identify the cases cited in the 2008 and 2012 UNCITRAL Digests, commencing with the 17 January 2008 citation reported below. Cases are coded to the UNCITRAL Thesaurus.

English texts and full-text English translations of cases are provided as indicated. In most instances researchers can also access UNCITRAL abstracts and link to Unilex abstracts and full-text original-language case texts sourced from Internet websites and other data, including commentaries by scholars to the extent available.

For a recent review of Article 44 jurisprudence, see Anselmo Martinez Cañellas, "The Scope of Article 44 CISG", 25 Journal of Law and Commerce (2005-2006) 261-271; see also Sonja A. Kruisinga, "(Non-)conformity in the 1980 UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods: a uniform concept?", Intersentia (2004) 117-121.

Spain 9 July 2014 Supreme Court (Red pepper powder) 44A

Germany 3 June 2013 Appellate Court Koblenz (Ice cream case) 44A1

Netherlands 9 March 2010 Gerechtshof [Appellate Court] Arnhem (_____ v. Pastificio Della Mamma S.A.) [translation available]

Netherlands 16 January 2009 Rechtsbank [District Court] Breda (Watermelon case) [translation available]

Greece 2009 Decision 4505/2009 of the Multi-Member Court of First Instance of Athens (Bullet proof vest case) [editorial analysis available]

Spain 9 December 2008 Tribunal Supremo [Supreme Court]

Australia 24 October 2008 Federal Court [South Australia District] (Hannaford v Australian Farmlink Pty Ltd)

Belgium 11 June 2008 Hof von beroep [Appellate Court] Ghent (NV Brux-Attout v. SA Chismatex)

* Spain 17 January 2008 Tribunal Suprema [Supreme Court] (Used automobiles case) 44A [translation available]

* Austria 24 September 2007 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Linz (Laminated glass case) [translation available]

* Germany 17 January 2007 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Saarbrücken (Marble panel case) 44A [translation available]

Netherlands 18 July 2006 Gerechtshof [Appellate Court] Arnhem (Potting soil case) [translation available]

Russia 13 April 2006 Arbitration Award 105/2005 [translation available]

Austria 23 January 2006 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Linz (Auto case) [translation available]

Switzerland 20 January 2006 Cour de Justice [Appellate Court] Genève (Paper products case) [translation available]

* Germany 11 January 2006 Bundesgerichtshof [Supreme Court] (Automobile case) 44A [translation available]

* Germany 11 April 2005 Landgericht [District Court] Frankfurt 44A [translation available]

Serbia 21 February 2005 Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration, Serbian Chamber of Commerce (Young chickens case) [translation available]

United States 9 September 2004 Federal District Court [State of Washington] (Delizia v. Columbia Distributing Company)

Germany 30 June 2004 Bundesgerichtshof [Supreme Court] [translation available]

* Germany 10 March 2004 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Celle 44A [translation available]

* Germany 2 February 2004 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Zweibrücken [translation available]

Germany 15 August 2003 Landgericht [District Court] Bielefeld (Strapping machine case) [translation available]

Switzerland 11 February 2003 Handelsgericht [Commercial Court] St. Gallen [translation available]

* Italy 26 November 2002 Tribunale [District Court] Rimini [translation available]

France 13 November 2002 Cour d’appel [Appellate Court] Colmar [translation available]

* Germany 13 November 2002 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] München 44A

* Austria 17 April 2002 Oberster Gerichtshof [Supreme Court] [7 Ob 54/02m] 44A [translation available]

* Denmark 31 January 2002 Sø og Handelsretten [Maritime Commercial Court] 44A [translation available]

Austria 14 January 2002 Oberster Gerichtshof [Supreme Court] [translation available]

United States 17 December 2001 U.S. District Court [Western Dist. Michigan] (Shuttle Packaging Systems v. Tsonakis) 44A

Germany 5 December 2000 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Oldenburg 44A [translation available]

* Italy 12 July 2000 Tribunale [District Court] Vigevano [translation available]

Germany 28 April 2000 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Oldenburg 44A [translation available]

Spain 27 March 2000 Audiencia Provincial [Appellate Court] Navarra

* Russia 24 January 2000 Arbitration award 54/1999 44A [translation available]

* ICC June 1999 International Court of Arbitration, Case 9187 44A [English text]

ICC March 1999 International Court of Arbitration, Case 9978

ICC February 1999 International Court of Arbitraton, Case 9474 44A [English text]

Switzerland 30 November 1998 Handelsgericht [Commercial Court] Zürich [translation available]

* Germany 25 November 1998 Bundesgerichtshof [Federal Supreme Court] [translation available]

Austria 15 October 1998 Oberster Gerichtshof [Supreme Court] 44A [translation available]

Switzerland 21 September 1998 Handelsgericht [Commercial Court] Zürich (Catalogue case) [translation available]

* Switzerland 16 September 1998 Bezirksgericht [District Court] Unterrheintal [translation available]

* Germany 11 September 1998 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Koblenz 44A [translation available]

Germany 19 August 1998 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Bamberg

* Germany 26 May 1998 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Thüringer, Jena [translation available]

Austria 11 March 1998 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Graz (Timber case) 44A [translation available]

Germany 11 March 1998 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] München 44A [translation available]

Netherlands 20 February 1998 Hoge Raad [Supreme Court]

Austria 12 February 1998 Oberster Gerichtshof [Supreme Court] [translation available]

* Netherlands 15 December 1997 Gerechtshof [Appellate Court] 's Hertogenbosch 44A

Germany 28 October 1997 Landgericht [District Court] Erfurt

Germany 15 October 1997 Landgericht [District Court] Hagen [translation available]

* Germany 9 July 1997 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] München [7 U 2070/97] [translation available]

* Germany 25 June 1997 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Karlsruhe 44A [translation available]

Germany 23 June 1997 Landgericht [District Court] München

Netherlands 5 March 1997 Arrondissementsrechtbank [District Court] Zwolle

* ICC 23 January 1997 International Court of Arbitration, Case 8611 [translation available]

* Switzerland 8 January 1997 Obergericht [Appellate Court] Luzern [translation available]

Germany 25 June 1996 Landgericht [District Court] Paderborn 44A [translation available]

Hungary 5 December 1995 Budapest Arbitration award Vb 94131 [translation available]

Germany 30 November 1995 Landgericht [District Court] Stuttgart

* Germany 8 February 1995 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] München [7 U 3758/94] (Plastic granulate case) 44A [translation available]

Germany 9 November 1994 Landgericht [District Court] Oldenburg [translation available]

Serbia 12 July 1994 Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration, Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce (Baby beef hide case) [translation available]

Germany 10 February 1994 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Düsseldorf [6 U 32/93] [translation available]

* ICC 1994 International Court of Arbitration, Case 7331 [English text]

ICC 1994 International Court of Arbitration, Case 7531 [English text]

* Germany 13 January 1993 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Saarbrücken (Doors case) [translation available]

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