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Article 36

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UNCITRAL Digest cases for Article 36 plus added cases for this Article

UNCITRAL has identified relevant cases in Digests containing case annotations for each article of the CISG. UNCITRAL cites 32 cases in its 2012 Digest of Art. 36 case law:

Argentina        1   France        6   Romania     1  
Austria   3   Germany        4   Spain   2  
Belgium     3   Greece        1   Switzerland     2  
China     1   Mexico     1   United States     4  
Finland      1   Netherlands     2   TOTAL:   32

Presented below is a composite list of Art. 36 cases reporting UNCITRAL Digest cases and other Art. 36 cases. All cases are listed in chronological sequence, commencing with the most recent. Asterisks identify the cases cited in the 2008 and 2012 UNCITRAL Digests, commencing with the 6 July 2010 citation reported below. Cases are coded to the UNCITRAL Thesaurus.

English texts and full-text English translations of cases are provided as indicated. In most instances researchers can also access UNCITRAL abstracts and link to Unilex abstracts and full-text original-language case texts sourced from Internet websites and other data, including commentaries by scholars to the extent available.

Spain 6 October 2014 Appellate Court Pontevedra (Frozen cod case) 36A ; 36A1

Netherlands 1 October 2014 District Court Rotterdam (Chemicals case) 36A

France 18 March 2014 Cour d'appel de Toulouse 36A

France 17 December 2013 Supreme Court (Socinter v. Wallace)

Spain 28 November 2013 La Almunia de Doña Godina (Electrical actuators case) [translation available]

France 3 October 2013 Cour d'appel de Rouen 36A

France 12 September 2013 Cour d'appel de Bordeaux 36A

France 30 April 2013 Appellate Court Reims (Light chains case) 36A

France 13 February 2013 [Supreme Court] (Bags case)

Switzerland 14 June 2012 Commercial Court St. Gallen (Organic juices and organic oil case)

Netherlands 16 May 2012 District Court Arnhem ([-] v. T&G Wood International BV)

United Kingdom 1 May 2012 The High Court of Justice, Queen's Bench Division [Commercial Court] (Kingspan Environmental Limited, Tyrrell Tanks Ltd, Rom Plastics Limitd, and Titan Enviornmental Ltd v. Borealis A/S and Borealis UK Ltd) 36A2

Austria 14 February 2012 Supreme Court (Paprika case) 36A

Russia 3 October 2011 Federal Arbitration Court of the North Caucasus Area, Krasnodar

United States 28 September 2011 Federal District Court [New York] (Cedar Petrochemicals inc. v. Dongbu Hannong Chemical Ltd.)

Netherlands 7 September 2011 District Court 'sHertogenbosch (Mobile Systems BV v. Communications Magnet Motor GMBH)

France 27 June 2011 Appellate Court Bordeaux (Stave making machine case) 36A

Netherlands 15 June 2011 District Court Arnhem (Wohngesund International EU v. T&G Wood International BV) 36A

Germany 30 May 2011 Saarländisches Oberlandesgericht Saarbrücken (Stallion case) 36A ; 36B

China 14 October 2010 Hebei High People's Court [Appellate Court] (Sheet glass case) [translation available]

* United States 6 July 2010 Federal District Court [Colorado] (Alpha Prime Development Corporation, Plaintiff, v. Holland Loader) 36A ; 36A1

France 22 June 2010 Appellate Court Lyon (Bags case)

France 10 May 2010 Arbitration Chamber of Paris Case No. 3089 (Frozen fish) 36B

Switzerland 12 March 2010 Appellate Court Genève (Diamants case)

Netherlands 9 March 2010 Gerechtshof [Appellate Court] Arnhem (_____ v. Pastificio Della Mamma S.A.) [translation available]

France 12 January 2010 Appellate Court Lyon (Bags case) 36A

France 7 October 2009 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Paris (Computer motherboard case)

* Spain 24 March 2009 Audiencia Provincial [Appellate Court] (Cuttlefish case) 36A [translation available]

Switzerland 6 February 2009 Obergericht [Appellate Court] Zürich (Graffiti protection coating case) [translation available]

Netherlands 16 January 2009 Rechtsbank [District Court] Breda (Watermelon case) 36A [translation available]

* Greece 2009 Decision 4505/2009 of the Multi-Member Court of First Instance of Athens (Bullet proof vest case) [editorial analysis available]

Serbia 29 August 2008 Foreign Trade Court attached to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (Hisex Hen case) 36A

Netherlands 27 February 2008 Rechtbank [District Court] Zutphen (Frutas Caminito Sociedad Cooperativa Valenciana v. Groente-En Fruithandel Heemskerk BV) [abstract available]

Serbia 23 January 2008 Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration, Serbian Chamber of Commerce (Chrystal white sugar case) [translation available]

Spain 17 January 2008 Tribunal Suprema [Supreme Court] (Used automobiles case) [translation available]

Slovak Republic 25 October 2007 Regional Court [District Court] Zilina (Elastic fitness clothing case) [translation available]

Russia 18 October 2007 Judicial Division of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation, Moscow

* Austria 4 July 2007 Oberster Gerichtshof [Supreme Court] (Auto case)

Slovak Republic 27 June 2007 Supreme Court Zilina (Elastic fitness clothing case) [translation available]

* Spain 16 May 2007 Supreme Court (Water apparatus case)

Belgium 22 January 2007 Hof van Beroep [Appellate Court] Antwerp (B.V B.A. v. SA Montainer) 36A ; 36B2 [translation available]

Germany 12 January 2007 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Köln (Paperboard containers case) [translation available]

* Arbitration Chamber of Paris Case No. 9926 of 2007 [assumed date] (Chemical compound case) [English text]

France 19 December 2006 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Rouen (Potato seedling case) 36A2 [translation available]

* Germany 14 December 2006 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Koblenz (Bottles case) 36A2 [translation available]

* United States 23 August 2006 Federal District Court [New York] (TeeVee Tunes v. Gerhard Schubert GmbH) 36B

Switzerland 23 May 2006 Tribunal cantonal [Higher Cantonal Court] Valais (Suits case) [translation available]

Germany 20 April 2006 Landgericht [District Court] Aschaffenburg (Cotton twilled fabric case) [translation available]

France 28 February 2006 Supreme Court (Horse meat case) 36A

Russia 24 January 2006 Arbitration Court [Appellate Court] for the Far East Area 35A [translation available]

* Austria 23 January 2006 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Linz (Auto case) 36A ; 36B [translation available]

China December 2005 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2005/23] (Heat transfer oil furnace case) 36B1 [translation available]

China 12 September 2005 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2005/18] (Hydraulic pressure geologic equipment case) 36B2 [translation available]

* China 27 June 2005 Shandong Higher People's Court [Appellate Court] (Norway Royal Supreme Seafoods v. China Rizhao Jixiang Ocean Food Company et al.) 36A [translation available]

* United States 23 May 2005 Federal Appellate Court [7th Circuit] (Chicago Prime Packers v. Northam)

United States 30 March 2005 Federal District Court [Illinois] (Caterpillar v. Usinor Industeel)

* Germany 2 March 2005 Bundesgerichtshof [Federal Supreme Court] 36A [translation available]

* France 25 February 2005 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Paris (Computer motherboard case) 36A2 [translation available]

Russia 29 December 2004 Arbitration Award 189/2003 [translation available]

Germany 30 June 2004 Bundesgerichtshof [Supreme Court] [translation available]

* Finland 31 May 2004 Hovioikeus hovrätt [Appellate Court] Helsinki (Chemicals case) 36A2 [editorial analysis available]

United States 21 May 2004 U.S. District Court [Illinois] (Chicago Prime Packers v. Norham)

* Belgium 10 May 2004 Hof van Beroep [Appellate Court] Gent [translation available]

Austria 21 April 2004 Oberster Gerichtshof [Supreme Court] (Omnibus case) [translation available]

United States 29 March 2004 Federal Bankruptcy Court [Oregon] (In re: Siskiyou Evergreen, Inc. Debtor)

* Switzerland 11 February 2004 Appelationshof [Appellate Court] Bern (Cable case) 36A [translation available]

Germany 29 January 2004 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Frankfurt 36A [translation available]

Switzerland 29 October 2003 Tribunale d’appello [Appellate Court] Lugano, Cantone del Ticino [translation available]

* France 24 September 2003 Cour de Cassation [Supreme Court] 36A2 [translation available]

Switzerland 19 August 2003 Tribunal Cantonal [Appellate Court] Valais [translation available]

* United States 11 June 2003 U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals [5th Cir.] (BP Oil International v. Empresa Estatal Petroleos de Ecuador) 36A2

* Romania 6 June 2003 High Court of Cassation and Justice (Terracotta stoves case) 36A2 [translation available]

ICC June 2003 Arbitration Case No. 12355 of (Coke case) 36A ; 36B

Germany 25 March 2003 Landgericht [District Court] Köln 36B [translation available]

Spain 21 March 2003 Appellate Court Barcelona (Moulding machine case)

Russia 17 February 2003 Arbitration Award No. 168/2001 36A [translation available]

China 23 December 2002 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2002/28] (Hydraulic press case) 36B2 [translation available]

Russia 10 December 2002 Arbitration Award No. 211/2001 [translation available]

Switzerland 11 November 2002 Cour de Justice [Appellate Court] Genève (Iron concretes and steel bars case) [translation available]

China 21 October 2002 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2002/16] (Engraving machine case) 36B2 [translation available]

Switzerland 5 November 2002 Handelsgericht [Commercial Court] des Kantons Aargau 36A [translation available]

Argentina 21 July 2002 Cámara Nacional de Apelaciones en lo Comercial [Appellate Court] [translation available]

China 15 July 2002 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2002/19] (Coating equipment case) 36B2 [translation available]

France 18 June 2002 Appellate Court Paris (Horse meat case) 36A

Switzerland 11 April 2002 Tribunal Cantonal [Appellate Court] Vaud (Clothes case) [translation available]

* Belgium 18 February 2002 Rechtbank van Koophandel [District Court] Ieper 36B

Denmark 31 January 2002 Maritime Commercial Court [translation available]

* Belgium 15 January 2002 Tribunal de commerce [District Court] 36A2 [translation available]

Germany 9 January 2002 Bundesgerichtshof [Federal Supreme Court] [translation available]

China 25 December 2001 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2001/04] (DVD HiFi case) 36B2 [translation available]

Belgium 27 June 2001 Hof van Beroep [Appellate Court] Antwerpen 36A [translation available]

* France 14 June 2001 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Paris

China 6 December 2000 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2000/13] (Pharmaceutical products case) 36A2 [translation available]

France 24 October 2000 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Colmar [translation available]

Germany 23 October 2000 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Dresden (Powdered milk case) 36A2 [translation available]

* Germany 13 April 2000 Amtsgericht [Lower Court] Duisburg [translation available]

Spain 27 March 2000 Audiencia Provincial [Appellate Court] Navarra

Netherlands 23 March 2000 Arrondissementsrechtbank [District Court] Rotterdam

China 30 January 2000 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/2000/10] (Ink cartridge case) 36B2 [translation available]

ICC June 1999 International Court of Arbitration, Case 9187 36A2 [English text]

China 7 April 1999 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1999/20] (PVC suspension resin case) 36A [translation available]

China 30 March 1999 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1999/16] (Flanges case) 36A ; 36B [translation available]

China 29 March 1999 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1999/14] (Flanges case) 36B [translation available]

* Germany 24 March 1999 Landgericht [District Court] Flensburg 36A [translation available]

* Netherlands 9 February 1999 Gerechthof [Appellate Court] Arnhem

* France 5 January 1999 Cour de Cassation [Supreme Court] [translation available]

Canada 16 December 1998 Ontario Court, General Division (Nova Tool v. London Industries)

Germany 25 November 1998 Bundesgerichtshof [Federal Supreme Court] [translation available]

United States 27 October 1998 Federal District Court [Illinois] (Mitchell Aircraft Spares v. European Aircraft Service)

Switzerland 29 June 1998 Tribunal Cantonal [Appellate Court] Valais

Stockholm Chamber of Commerce 5 June 1998 Arbitration award (Beijing Light Automobile Co. v. Connell) [English text]

France 4 March 1998 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Paris[translation available]

Finland 29 January 1998 Helsingin hovioikeus [Appellate Court] Helsinki 36A [translation available]

France 19 January 1998 Tribunal de commerce [District Court] Besançon [translation available]

* Switzerland 15 January 1998 Tribunale d'appello [Appellate Court] Lugano 36A [translation available]

Hungary 1998 Fovárosi Biróság [Metropolitan Court] Budapest

France 28 October 1997 Tribunal de commerce [District Court] Paris

Switzerland 28 October 1997 Tribunal Cantonal [Appellate Court] Valais

* Netherlands 17 July 1997 Arrondissementsrechtbank [District Court] Arnhem 36A

China 23 July 1997 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1997/23] (Polypropylene case) 36A2 [translation available]

Hungary 1 July 1997 Fovárosi Bíróság [Metropolitan Court] 36A ; 36B [translation available]

China 26 June 1997 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1997/17] (Monohydrate zinc sulphate case) [translation available]

Germany 25 June 1997 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Karlsruhe [translation available]

Switzerland 14 March 1997 Tribunal [District Court] Genève

China 23 October 1996 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1996/48] (Channel steel case) 36A2 [translation available]

China 16 July 1996 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1996/31] (Hot-rolled steel plates case) 36A2 [translation available]

* France 15 May 1996 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Grenoble 36B

* Mexico 29 April 1996 Compromex Arbitration proceeding 36A2 [translation available]

Germany 19 April 1996 Landgericht [District Court] Aachen

Russia 12 March 1996 Arbitration award 166/1996 36B1 [translation available]

Russia 10 February 1996 Arbitration award 328/1994 36A [translation available]

France 13 December 1995 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Paris [translation available]

United States 6 December 1995 Federal Appellate Court [2nd Circuit] (Delchi Carrier v. Rotorex) 36A2

* Argentina 31 October 1995 Cámara Nacional de Apelaciones en lo Comercial [Appellate Court] (Bedial v. Müggenburg) 36A ; 36B1 [translation available]

United States 9 September 1994 Federal District Court [Northern Dist. NY] (Delchi Carrier v. Rotorex) 36A2

* Austria 1 July 1994 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Innsbruck 36A ; 36B [translation available]

Germany 23 June 1994 Landgericht [District Court] Düsseldorf [translation available]

Austria 29 March 1994 Landesgericht [District Court] Feldkirch

Argentina 18 March 1994 Commercial Court of Original Jurisdiction, Buenos Aires (Bedial v. Müggenburg) 36A ; 36B1 [translation available]

Germany 13 January 1993 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Saarbrücken (Doors case) [translation available]

ICC 1993 International Court of Arbitration, Case 6653 [translation available]

China 14 December 1992 Jiangxi Higher People's Court (Ao Long v. Jiangxi Province Export)

Switzerland 27 April 1992 Pretore della giurisdizione [District Court] Locarno [translation available]

Germany 13 June 1991 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Frankfurt

Egypt 13 April 1991 Arbitration award (Cairo Chamber of Commerce & Industry) [English text]

Iran/U.S. Claims Tribunal 16 June 1988 (Islamic Republic of Iran v. U.S.)

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