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Article 18

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UNCITRAL Digest cases for Article 18 plus added cases for this Article

UNCITRAL has identified relevant cases in Digests containing case annotations for each article of the CISG. UNCITRAL cites 53 cases in its 2012 Digest of Art. 18 case law:

Argentina         1           Denmark           1           Netherlands        2  
Australia      1           France            5           Slovakia           1
Austria      2           Germany       13           Spain   2
Belgium      3      Hungary        1           Switzerland     5
China 3 ICC        2           Ukraine   1
Czech Republic      1 Mexico        1 United States        8         TOTAL:   53

Presented below is a composite list of Art. 18 cases reporting UNCITRAL Digest cases and other Art. 18 cases. All cases are listed in chronological sequence, commencing with the most recent. Asterisks identify the cases cited in the 2008 and 2012 UNCITRAL Digests, commencing with the 15 July 2010 citation reported below. Cases are coded to the UNCITRAL Thesaurus.

English texts and full-text English translations of cases are provided as indicated. In most instances researchers can also access UNCITRAL abstracts and link to Unilex abstracts and full-text original-language case texts sourced from Internet websites and other data, including commentaries by scholars to the extent available.

There are scholars who believe that there are circumstances in which the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts may be used to interpret or supplement this Article of the CISG. See match-up of this Article with counterpart provisions of the Principles and commentary on this subject. To the extent this reasoning fits, cases on the counterpart provisions of the UNIDROIT Principles may be relevant. To the extent available, such cases may be found on the Unilex website.

Netherlands 19 August 2015 Rechtbank Den Haag (Silicon Refractory Anchoring Systems B.V. v. Refrattari Sirc S.R.L.) 18A

Netherlands 10 June 2015 Rechtbank Den Haag (TNO v. ZygoLOT GmbH) 18A

Germany 19 May 2015 Appellate Court Hamm 18A

Germany 25 March 2015 Bundesgerichtshof 18B

Netherlands 1 October 2014 District Court Rotterdam (Chemicals case)

Spain 9 September 2014 Appellate Court Palencia (Coffee case) 18A ; 18A2 ; 18A21

Netherlands 30 July 2014 District Court Gelderland (Trucks case)

Germany 11 June 2014 District Court Kleve (Chemicals case) 18A

Netherlands 24 April 2014 Appelate Court of Montenegro (Nuts, dried fruits and seeds case) 18A

Netherlands 22 April 2014 [Appellate Court] The Hague [translation available]

Germany 7 January 2014 Federal Supreme Court (Printed work case) 18B

Netherlands 6 November 2013 Rechtbank Gelderland 18A

United States 10 September 2013 District Court [Pennsylvania] (Roser Technologies, Inc. v. Carl Schreiber GmbH) 18A

United States 29 August 2013 Federal District Court [State of Washington] (Simar Shipping Ltd. v. Global Fishing, Inc.)

United States 31 July 2013 Federal District Court [Pennsylvania] (It's Intoxicating, Inc. v. Maritim Hotelgesellschaft mbH) 18C

Spain 9 July 2013 Appellate Court Cantabria 18A ; 18A2 [translation available]

Germany 13 February 2013 Appellate Court Naumburg (Cereal case)

Netherlands 23 January 2013 District Court 's-Hertogenbosch (Conveyor belts case) 18A ; 18A1 ; 18A3

Germany 19 December 2012 Appellate Court Hamburg (Dried onions case)

Belgium 17 December 2012 Cour d'Appel Antwerp 18B

Austria 13 December 2012 Supreme Court (Insulating material case) 18A ; 18B ; 18C

Austria 2 August 2012 Appellate Court Graz (Insulating material case) 18A ; 18B ; 18C

Bulgaria 2 April 2012 Municipal Court of Burgas (Appeals case) 18A ; 18B ; 18C

Switzerland 21 June 2011 Commercial Court Aargau (Cosmetic products case)

Germany 18 April 2011 OLG Stuttgart (Fire trucks case) 18A ; 18C

Bulgaria 7 February 2011 Municipal Court of Blagoevgrad (Wine case) 18A ; 18B ; 18C

Germany 30 November 2010 Appellate Court Dresden (Lingerie case) 18A ; 18B

Russia 2 November 2010 Supreme Arbitration Court (or Presidium of Supreme Arbitration Court) of the Russian Federation

Netherlands 29 September 2010 District Court Rotterdam (Frihol Mushroom Vertriebsgesellschaft mbh v. Greenery BV)

* Spain 15 July 2010 Audiencia Provincial de Murcia (Crane case) 18A [translation available]

Switzerland 15 June 2010 Kantonsgericht St. Gallen (StencilMaster case) 18A

France 10 May 2010 Arbitration Chamber of Paris Case No. 3089 (Frozen fish) 18C

* United States 7 April 2010 Court of International Trade (Pasta Zava S.p.A v. United States et al.) 18A2

Netherlands 31 March 2010 Rechtbank Rotterdam (Fish case) 18A3

Switzerland 12 March 2010 Appellate Court Genčve (Diamants case)

Estonia 5 March 2010 Tallinn Circuit Court [Appellate Court] (Peat case) 18A

* United States 21 January 2010 Federal District Court [California] (Golden Valley Grape Juice and Wine, LLC v. Centriys Corporation et al.) 18A ; 18C

Switzerland 15 January 2010 Appellate Court Genčve (Steel case)

Switzerland 16 October 2009 Kreisgericht [District Court] St Gallen (Wall panels case)

France 7 October 2009 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Paris (Computer motherboard case)

Germany 24 July 2009 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Celle (Broadcasters case) [translation available]

Switzerland 3 June 2009 Canton Appellate Court Vaud (Kitchen panel case)

Germany 21 April 2009 District Court Hannover (Roller case) 18A2

Switzerland 28 January 2009 Tribunal cantonal [Higher Cantonal Court] Valais (Fiberglass composite materials case) [translation available]

Germany 14 January 2009 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] München (Metal ceiling materials case) [translation available]

Greece 2009 Decision 4505/2009 of the Multi-Member Court of First Instance of Athens (Bullet proof vest case) [editorial analysis available]

Netherlands 5 November 2008 Rechtsbank [District Court] Arnhem (Baufix Holz- und Bauetechnik GmbH v. Eurovite Nederland)

Slovak Republic 28 October 2008 Supreme Court (Wafers case) [translation available]

Germany 27 August 2008 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Thüringer [Jena] (Laser system case)

Czech Republic 25 June 2008 Supreme Court (Manufactured paint case) 18A [translation available]

Slovak Republic 19 June 2008 Supreme Court (Health care products case) 18A3 [translation available]

United States 16 June 2008 U.S. District Court [Minnesota] (BTC-USA Corporation v. Novacare et al.)

Germany 12 June 2008 Landgericht [District Court] Landshut (Metalic slabs case) 18A [translation available]

* France 27 May 2008 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Rennes (Brassiere cups case) [translation available]

* United States 19 May 2008 Federal District Court [Florida] (Zhejiang Shaoxing Yongli Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd v. Microflock Textile Group Corporation)

United States 9 May 2008 U.S. District Court [Delaware] (Solae, LLC v. Hershey Canada, Inc.) 18A

China 24 April 2008 Zhejiang High People's Court [Appellate Court] (Zhejiang Henghao Garment Co. Ltd. v. Trio Selection Inc.) 18A2 [translation available]

Slovenia 9 April 2008 Appellate Court Lujubljana 18A21

* Netherlands 27 February 2008 Rechtbank [District Court] Breda (Interland Chemie BV v. Tessenderlo Chemie NV)

China 9 January 2008 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2008/02] (Metallic silicon case) [translation available]

Greece 2008 Decision 16319/2007 of the Single-Member Court of First Instance of Thessalonica (Tomatoes and lemons case) [editorial analysis available]

Germany 20 December 2007 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Oldenburg (Industrial tools case) 18A [translation available]

* Austria 18 December 2007 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Innsbruck (Steel bars case) [translation available]

* Ukraine 11 December 2007 Supreme Court of Ukraine (Crucible press case) [translation available]

Italy 21 November 2007 Tribunale [District Court] Rovereto (Takap B.V. v. Europlay S.r.l.) [translation available]

Russia 23 October 2007 Judicial Division of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation, Moscow

* United States 28 September 2007 Federal District Court [Michigan] (Easom Automation Systems, Inc. v. Thyssenkrupp Fabco. Corp.) 18A

Slovak Republic 17 September 2007 Regional Court [Appellate Court] in Nitra (Round wafers case) [translation available]

Switzerland 19 June 2007 Handelsgericht [Commercial Court] Aargau (Railway rails case) [translation available]

Germany 11 June 2007 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Dresden (Airbag parts case) [translation available]

Netherlands 29 May 2007 Gerechtshof [Appellate Court] 's-Hertogenbosch 18A ; 18B ; 18C [translation available]

Switzerland 27 April 2007 Tribunal cantonal [Appellate Court] Valais (Oven case) 18A2 [translation available]

Latvia 7 April 2007 Court of Latgale (Fresh pork meat case) 18A ; 18B ; 18C

Slovenia 9 February 2007 Višje sodišče v Kopru [Koper High Court] 18B ; 18C

United States 31 January 2007 Federal District Court [Minnesota] (Travelers Property Casualty Company of America v. Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics Canada Limited) 18C

Germany 17 January 2007 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Saarbrücken (Marble panel case) 18A3 [translation available]

Netherlands 17 January 2007 Rechtbank [District Court] Arnhem (Hibro Compensatoren B.V. v. Trelleborg Industri Aktiebolag) 18A [translation available]

Germany 5 December 2006 Landgericht [District Court] Köln (Plastic faceplates for mobile telephones case) 18A [translation available]

* Germany 29 June 2006 Landgericht [District Court] Gera (Laser system case) 18A2 ; 18A3 [translation available]

Germany 26 June 2006 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Frankfurt (Printed goods case) 18A3 [translation available]

Slovak Republic 26 May 2006 Supreme Court (Wafers case) [translation available]

Germany 28 April 2006 Landgericht [District Court] Dresden (Meat case)

United States 13 April 2006 Federal District Court [State of Washington] (Barbara Berry, S.A. de C.V. v. Ken M. Spooner Farms, Inc.)

Germany 3 April 2006 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Köln (Strawberry plants case) 18A [translation available]

Estonia 30 March 2006 Tallinn Circuit Court [Appellate Court] (Vehicles case) 18A1 ; 18A2

* Czech Republic 29 March 2006 Supreme Court (Carpet case) [translation available]

Russia 28 March 2006 Federal Arbitration Court of the North Caucasus Area, Krasnodar

Russia 9 March 2006 Arbitration Award 37/2005 [translation available]

* Slovak Republic 27 February 2006 District Court Nitra (L.-K S.r.l. v. N. S.r.l.) [translation available]

Switzerland 22 December 2005 Handelsgericht [Commercial Court] Zürich (Retail fashion clothes case) [translation available]

Austria 29 November 2005 Oberster Gerichtshof [Supreme Court] 18A1 [translation available]

* China 9 November 2005 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/2005/04] (DVD machines case) 18A [translation available]

Canada 28 October 2005 Superior Court of Justice, Ontario (Chateau des Charmes Ltd v. Sabaté USA Inc. et al.)

Canada 6 October 2005 Canadian International Trade Tribunal (Cherry Stix Ltd. v. President of the Canada Borders Service Agency)

China 15 September 2005 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2005/15] (Wool and Wooltop case) 18A [translation available]

Austria 8 August 2005 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Linz (Spacers for insulation glass case) [translation available]

Germany 3 August 2005 Landgericht [District Court] Neubrandenburg (Pitted sour cherries case) 18A [translation available]

* Germany 13 April 2005 Landgericht [District Court] Bamberg (Furnishings case) 18A2 [translation available]

Switzerland 5 April 2005 Bundesgericht [Supreme Court] 18A [translation available]

Austria 23 March 2005 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Linz (Conveyor band case) 18A1 ; 18A2 ; 18A3 [translation available]

Netherlands 10 February 2005 Netherland Arbitration Institute (interim award) 18A [English text]

Spain 31 January 2005 Audiencia Provincial [Appellate Court] Cuenca (Live calves case) [translation available]

* Belgium 25 January 2005 Rechtbank van Koophandel [District Court] Tongeren (Scaforn International BV & Orion Metal BVBA v. Exma CPI SA) 18A [translation available]

Switzerland 2 December 2004 Kantonsgericht [District Court] Zug (Dextrose case) 18A21 [translation available]

Belgium 8 November 2004 Hof van Beroep [Appellate Court] Gent 18A [translation available]

United States 28 October 2004 Federal District Court [California] (Comerica Bank v. Whitehall Specialties, Inc.) 18A3

Switzerland 11 October 2004 Kantonsgericht [Canton Court] Freiburg 18A [translation available]

China 10 October 2004 Higher People's Court [Appellate Court] of Guangdong Province (America Inland Sea Incorporated and China Jiedong County Haifu Fishery v. Jiedong County Yuequn Fishery and Yuequn Hong) 18A [translation available]

Germany 6 October 2004 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Frankfurt

Germany 27 July 2004 Landgericht [District Court] Kiel (Fat for frying case) 18A3 [translation available]

Germany 20 July 2004 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Karlsruhe (Shoes case) [translation available]

Belgium 17 May 2004 Hof van Beroep [Appellate Court] Ghent (Cooling installation case) 18A [translation available]

* Switzerland 29 April 2004 Handelsgericht [Commercial Court] St. Gallen 18A21 [translation available]

Netherlands 17 March 2004 Rechtbank [District Court] Arnhem 18A3 [translation available]

Germany 30 January 2004 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Düsseldorf 18A [translation available]

Germany 8 January 2004 Landgericht [District Court] Trier 18A [translation available]

Switzerland 11 December 2003 Kantonsgericht [District Court] Zug [detailed abstract available]

Germany 26 November 2003 Landgericht [District Court] Hamburg (Phtalic Anhydride case) 18A [translation available]

China 17 September 2003 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2003/14] (Australia cotton case) [translation available]

France 10 September 2003 Cour d’appel [Appellate Court] Paris 18A3 [translation available]

Germany 25 July 2003 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Düsseldorf 18A [translation available]

United States 5 May 2003 U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals [9th Cir.] (Chateau des Charmes Wines v. Sabate USA) 18A3

Belgium 28 April 2003 Cour d’appel [Appellate Court] Liège 18A3 [translation available]

China 18 April 2003 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG 2003/05] (Desulfurization reagent case) [English text]

* Belgium 19 March 2003 Rechtbank van Koophandel [District Court] Veurne (Leeks case) 18A3 [translation available]

United States 13 December 2002 California Court of Appeal (Regency Wines, Inc. v. Champagne Montaudon)

Ukraine 25 November 2002 Arbitration Award 18A [translation available]

Germany 29 October 2002 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Schleswig-Holstein (Stallion case) 18A ; 18C [translation available]

Netherlands 16 October 2002 Gerechtshof [Appellate Court] 's-Hertogenbosch 18A

* Switzerland 13 September 2002 Cour de Justice [Appellate Court] Genève 18A ; 18B [translation available]

* Belgium 15 May 2002 Hof van Beroep [Appellate Court] Gent 18A [translation available]

* United States 10 May 2002 U.S. District Court [Southern Dist. NY] (Geneva Pharmaceuticals Tech. Corp. v. Barr Labs. Inc.) 18C

Austria 7 March 2002 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Graz 18A3 [translation available]

Germany 21 December 2001 Landgericht [District Court] Hamburg (Natural stones case) 18A [translation available]

Germany 12 November 2001 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Hamm (Memory module case) 18A [translation available]

Germany 31 October 2001 Bundesgerichtshof [Federal Supreme Court] 18D [translation available]

Netherlands 12 July 2001 Arrondissementsrechtbank [District Court] Rotterdam 18A3 [translation available]

Belgium 10 July 2001 Rechtbank van Koophandel [Commercial Court] Oudenaarde (Textile case) 18A2 [translation available]

Germany 28 June 2001 Landgericht [District Court] Trier 18A3 [translation available]

* Germany 30 August 2000 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Frankfurt 18A [translation available]

Austria 15 June 2000 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Graz 18A [translation available]

Belgium 25 May 2000 Rechtbank van Koophandel [District Court]

Belgium 13 April 2000 Rechtbank van Koophandel [District Court]

* Germany 6 April 2000 Landgericht [District Court] München 18A [translation available]

* Spain 28 January 2000 Tribunal Supremo [Supreme Court] 18A [translation available]

Hungary 2000 Legfelsobb Birosag [Supreme Court] (Mixing machine case) 18A [translation available]

ICC 2000 International Court of Arbitration, Case 10329 18A ; 18B [English text]

* United States 7 December 1999 Federal District Court [Illinois] (Magellan International v. Salzgitter Handel) 18A

Germany 3 December 1999 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] München [translation available]

Germany 28 October 1999 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Braunschweig [translation available]

* France 21 October 1999 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Grenoble 18A3 [translation available]

China 30 June 1999 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1999/30] (Peppermint oil case) 18A1 ; 18A2 [translation available]

Belgium 28 April 1999 Rechtbank van Koophandel [District Court for Commercial Matters] Hasselt

Germany 27 April 1999 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Naumburg [translation available]

Germany 19 March 1999 Landgericht [District Court] Zwickau

* United States 9 March 1999 Minnesota State District Court (KSTP-FM v. Specialized Communications)

Belgium 2 December 1998 Rechtbank van Koophandel [District Court] Hasselt 18A2

* ICC Arbitration Case No. 8908 of December 1998 (Pipes case) [English text]

* Switzerland 30 November 1998 Handelsgericht [Commercial Court] Zürich [translation available]

* Switzerland 5 November 1998 Bezirksgericht [District Court] Sissach 18A3 [translation available]

Germany 2 September 1998 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Celle [translation available]

* France 16 July 1998 Cour de Cassation [Supreme Court] 18A [translation available]

* Germany 9 July 1998 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Dresden 18A3 [translation available]

Austria 18 June 1998 Landesgericht [District Court] Wels

Spain 26 May 1998 Tribunal Supremo [Supreme Court] 18A

* Denmark 23 April 1998 Østre Landsret [Appellate Court] 18A3

Germany 24 March 1998 Landgericht [District Court] Berlin (Knitwear case) [translation available]

* Germany 11 March 1998 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] München [translation available]

Spain 17 February 1998 Tribunal Supremo [Supreme Court] [2977/1996] 18A

Spain 17 February 1998 Tribunal Supremo [Supreme Court] [3587/1996] 18A

* France 27 January 1998 Cour de Cassation [Supreme Court] 18A3 [translation available]

* China 15 December 1997 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1997/34] (Hot rolled coils case) 18C [translation available]

China 29 September 1997 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1997/28] (Aluminum oxide case) 18A3 [translation available]

United States 6 August 1997 Federal District Court [Southern Dist. NY] (Kahn Lucas v. Lark International) 18C

Germany 31 July 1997 Landgericht [District Court] Göttingen

Germany 19 June 1997 Landgericht [District Court] Hamburg

* Austria 18 June 1997 Oberster Gerichtshof [Supreme Court] 18A [translation available]

* Hungary 17 June 1997 Fovárosi Biróság [Metropolitan Court] Budapest

China 16 June 1997 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1997/15] (Leather case) 18A [translation available]

Netherlands 24 April 1997 Arrondissementsrechtbank [District Court] Rotterdam

* European Court of Justice 20 February 1997 (Mainschiffahrts-Genossenschaft v. Gravihres Rhinanes) 18A

Switzerland 20 February 1997 Bezirksgericht [District Court] Saane [translation available]

ICC 23 January 1997 International Court of Arbitration, Case 8611 [translation available]

Russia 22 January 1997 Arbitration award 155/1996 18A [translation available]

China 31 December 1996 Fujian Higher People's Court (You Li v. Gold Star) 18A3 [translation available]

Netherlands 19 November 1996 Gerechtshof [Appellate Court] 's Hertogenbosch 18A

China 16 August 1996 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1996/39] (Dioctyl phthalate case) [translation available]

* Switzerland 10 July 1996 Handelsgericht [Commercial Court] Zürich 18A3 [translation available]

* Mexico 29 April 1996 Compromex Arbitration award 18A2 [translation available]

* Netherlands 24 April 1996 Gerechtshof [Appellate Court] ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Germany 28 February 1996 Landgericht [District Court] Oldenburg (Egg case) [translation available]

* Germany 15 February 1996 Landgericht [District Court] Kassel [11 O 4187/95] 18A ; 18C [translation available]

* France 13 December 1995 Cour d'appel [Appellate Court] Paris 18B [translation available]

Austria 5 October 1995 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Linz

China 18 September 1995 Chansha Intermediate People's Court Economic Chamber (Skandinaviska v. Hunan Co) [translation available]

Germany 5 July 1995 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Frankfurt 18A [translation available]

* Germany 23 May 1995 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Frankfurt 18C [translation available]

* Australia 28 April 1995 Federal District Court, Adelaide (Roder v. Rosedown)

China 18 April 1995 CIETAC Arbitration Award [CISG/1995/06] (Clothes case) 18A2 [translation available]

* Germany 31 March 1995 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Frankfurt 18A [translation available]

Germany 8 March 1995 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] München [translation available]

Russia 3 March 1995 Arbitration award 304/1993 [commentary available]

Russia 3 March 1995 Arbitration award 309/1993

ICC March 1995 International Court of Arbitration, Case 8213 18A [English text]

* Germany 8 February 1995 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] München [7 U 1720/94] 18A [translation available]

Germany 8 February 1995 Landgericht [District Court] München [translation available]

Belgium 24 January 1995 Rechtbank van Koophandel [District Court] Hasselt 18A

Austria 8 November 1994 Landesgericht [District Court] Wels

Germany 25 August 1994 Landgericht [District Court] Düsseldorf (Fashion goods case) 18A3 [translation available]

Germany 14 July 1994 Landgericht [District Court] Kassel

* Germany 22 February 1994 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Köln 28A2 ; 18A3 [translation available]

* ICC 1994 International Court of Arbitration, Case 7844 18B1

Germany 1 December 1993 Landgericht [District Court] Memmingen

* Argentina 14 October 1993 Cámara Nacional de Apelaciones en lo Comercial [Appellate Court] 18A ; 18A3 ; 18C

* China 1 April 1993 CIETAC Arbitration award [translation available]

* Germany 13 January 1993 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Saarbrücken (Doors case) 18A2 [translation available]

Switzerland 21 December 1992 Zivilgericht [Civil Court] Basel 18A ; 18A3 [translation available]

Germany 24 November 1992 Landgericht [District Court] Krefeld (Shoes case) [translation available]

* Germany 22 September 1992 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Hamm (Frozen bacon case) 18A1 [translation available]

* United States 14 April 1992 Federal District Court [Southern Dist. NY] (Filanto v. Chilewich) 18A ; 18A3 ; 18B1 ; 18C1

Germany 23 March 1992 Landgericht [District Court] Saarbrücken

Hungary 10 January 1992 Fovárosi Bíróság [Metropolitan Court] 18A1 ; 18B [translation available]

Germany 2 September 1991 Oberlandesgericht [Appellate Court] Celle

Germany 18 January 1991 Landgericht [District Court] Bielefeld

Germany 26 September 1990 Landgericht [District Court] Hamburg

ICC 1989 International Court of Arbitration, Case 5904

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