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Article 100

3,000 cases 10,000 case annotations
UNCITRAL Digest cases for Article 100 plus added cases for this Article

UNCITRAL has identified relevant cases in Digests containing case annotations for each article of the CISG. UNCITRAL reports thirty-five cases in its 2012 Digest of Article 100 case law.

  Argentina     2       Hungary      1       Spain     1    
  Austria     1       ICC     1       Switzerland     6    
  Belgium     5       Italy     1       United States     1    
  Germany     4       Netherlands    10              
  Greece     1       Russia     1         Total 35   

Presented below is a composite list of Art. 100 cases reporting UNCITRAL Digest cases and other Art. 100 cases. All cases are listed in chronological sequence, commencing with the most recent. Asterisks identify the cases cited in the 2008 UNCITRAL Digest, commencing with the 22 August 2003 citation reported below. Cases are coded to the UNCITRAL Thesaurus.

English texts and full-text English translations of cases are provided as indicated. In most instances researchers can also access UNCITRAL abstracts and link to Unilex abstracts and full-text original-language case texts sourced from Internet websites and other data on the cases.

Greece 2009 Decision 4505/2009 of the Multi-Member Court of First Instance of Athens (Bullet-proof vest case) [editorial analysis available]

Netherlands 19 March 2008 District Court Dordrecht

Switzerland 21 February 2005 Appellate Court Valais / Wallis (CNC machine case) [translation available]

Belgium 25 January 2005 Commercial Court Tongeren (Scaforn International BV & Orion Metal BVBA v. Exma CPI SA) [translation available]

Germany 1 March 2004 Appellate Court Stuttgart (Piston rings case)

Poland 19 December 2003 Supreme Court ("O.O." AG in M. v. Leszek W. & Zbigniew W.) [translation available]

* Switzerland 22 August 2003 Canton Appellate Court Basel (Soyprotein products case) [translation available]

* Belgium 19 March 2003 District Court Veurne (Leeks case) [translation available]

Belgium 15 January 2003 District Court Veurne (Breeding sows and cages case)

* Greece 2003 Decision 14953/2003 of the Single-Member Court of First Instance of Thessalonika (Shock absorber case) [editorial analysis available]

* United States 22 November 2002 Federal District Court [Florida] (Impuls v. Psion-Teklogix) 100A

Belgium 18 February 2002 District Court Ieper (L. v. SA C.)

Austria 18 April 2001 Supreme Court

France 30 January 2001 Appellate Court Amiens (Vanderlinden v. Vergers de Seru)

* Belgium 29 January 2001 District Court Ieper (Cooling installations case)

Belgium 4 April 2000 District Court Hasselt (NV G.W. v. BV B.H.)

* Netherlands 27 April 1999 Appellate Court Arnhem (Movable room units case) [translation available]

Belgium 24 February 1999 Appellate Court Antwerp (Dislich & Kempkes v. De Metselaar) (Stones case)

* Russia 18 December 1998 Arbitration proceeding 288/1997 [translation available]

Austria 2 April 1998 Supreme Court (Apple juice concentrate case)

Germany 17 December 1997 Supreme Court (Drilling machine case)

New Zealand 2 December 1997 Court of Appeal (BP Oil NZ Limited v. Rhumvale Resources Limited) (Prize machines case)

* ICC Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce, September 1997 (Arbitral award No. 8962)

* Spain 3 March 1997 Supreme Court (Tana v. Naviera del O. v. Iberico) 100B1

Switzerland 20 February 1997 District Court Saane (Spirits case) [translation available]

* Belgium 21 January 1997 District Court Hasselt (Epsilon v. Interneon)

Germany 9 October 1996 District Court Köln (Shoes case)

Netherlands 19 September 1996 Appellate Court Amsterdam (Armor v. Triple)

* Belgium 18 June 1996 Appellate Court Antwerp (Clothes case) [translation available]

* Hungary 21 May 1996 Metropolitan Court

* Switzerland 14 March 1996 Appellate Court Vaud (Gravel crusher case) 100B1

Germany 8 March 1996 Appellate Court Hamburg (Silo tanks case)

* Argentina 31 October 1995 Appellate Court (Bedial v. Müggenburg) [translation available]

Germany 6 October 1995 Lower Court Kehl (Knitware case) [translation available]

Netherlands 29 June 1995 District Court Arnhem (Smit v. Les Lodges) 100B

Netherlands 10 May 1995 District Court Utrecht (Armor v. Triple P.)

Russia 16 March 1995 Arbitration proceeding 14/1993

Russia 3 March 1995 Arbitration proceeding 309/1993 (Implicit agreement on price case)

Russia 3 March 1995 Arbitration proceeding 304/1993 (Implicit agreement on price case) [commentary available]

Belgium 1 March 1995 District Court Hasselt (J.P.S. v. Kabri Mode)

Netherlands 1 March 1995 Appellate Court 's-Hertogenbosch (Sicamob International v. Wulms Eierhandel) 100B1

Belgium 24 January 1995 District Court Hasselt (C. GmbH v. I.) 100B1

Switzerland 20 December 1994 Appellate Court Valais (Stone blocks case) [translation available]

Switzerland 21 October 1994 Appellate Court Valais (Software case) 100B1

* Austria 26 May 1994 Supreme Court (Yacht equipment case)

Belgium 30 March 1994 District Court Hasselt (B.V.S. v. O.) (Flowers case) 100B1

Argentina 18 March 1994 National Commercial Court of First Instance Buenos Aires (Bedial v. Müggenburg) [translation available]

* Belgium 16 March 1994 District Court Hasselt (Schobo v. Mols)

Switzerland 13 January 1994 District Court Zug (Sound carriers case)

ICC Arbitration Case No. 7844 of 1994 (Radio equipment case)

Netherlands 23 December 1993 District Court Roermond (Sicamob International v. Wulms Eierhandel)

Austria 24 November 1993 Supreme Court (Aluminum blocks case) 100B1

* Netherlands 27 May 1993 District Court Arnhem (Hunfeld v. Vos) 100B1

Switzerland 7 May 1993 District Court Laufen, Canton Berne (Automatic storage system case) [translation available]

* Netherlands 29 April 1993 District Court Arnhem (Groticke v. Neptunus Shipyard) 100B1

* Netherlands 15 April 1993 District Court Arnhem (J.A. Harris & Sons v. Nijmergsche Ijzergieterij) 100B1

* Netherlands 8 April 1993 Appellate Court Amsterdam (Verwer v. Pex Handelsmij & Toshiba Deutschland) 100B1

* Switzerland 14 March 1993 Appellate Court Vaud (Kitchen Furnishings case) 100B1

* Germany 11 February 1993 Appellate Court Karlsruhe (Cloth case) 100B1

Germany 25 January 1993 Appellate Court Hamm (Machine case)

Netherlands 12 November 1992 District Court Arnhem (20 ton cranes case)

* Netherlands 22 October 1992 District Court Arnhem (Streamline Building Products v. Albrecht Bouwproducten) 100B1

* Germany 16 October 1992 Appellate Court Köln (Computers case) 100B1

* Germany 2 October 1992 Appellate Court Köln (Wood processing machines case) 100B1

* Netherlands 25 September 1992 Supreme Court (Société Nouvelle des Papéteries v. Machinefabriek) 100B1

* Netherlands 3 September 1992 District Court Arnhem (S. Jacobs v. auto Opgenoort) 100B1

Netherlands 7 May 1992 District Court Arnhem (Dralle-Fruchthandel v. H.C. Van Bligederveen Fruit Ingen) 100B1

* Switzerland 29 April 1992 Appellate Court Vaud [Unilex No. XXX] (Sweet potatoes case) 100B1

* Switzerland 29 April 1992 Appellate Court Vaud [Unilex No. YYY] (Paper sacks case) 100B1

Switzerland 27 April 1992 District Court Locarno Campagna (Furniture case) [translation available]

Netherlands 27 February 1992 District Court Roermond (Madelaine v. Terrynit)

Netherlands 18 February 1992 District Court Haarlem (Verwer Pex Handelsmij. v. Toshiba Deutschland) 100B1

Germany 16 January 1992 District Court Waldshut-Tiengen (Cloth case)

* Netherlands 27 November 1991 Appellate Court Köln (Ticket for soccer world championship case) 100B1

* Germany 17 September 1991 Appellate Court Frankfurt (Shoes case) [translation available]

Germany 13 June 1991 Appellate Court Frankfurt (Textiles case)

* Switzerland 9 April 1991 Commercial Court Zürich 100B1

* Argentina 15 March 1991 Appellate Court (Qűilmes Combustibles v. Vigan) 100B1

Netherlands 12 June 1990 Appellate Court Arnem (Société Nouvelle des Papéteries v. Machinefabriek) 100B1

United States 24 October 1989 Federal International Trade Court (Orbisphere v. U.S.) 100B1

Argentina 20 October 1989 National Commercial Court of First Instance, Buenos Aires (Qűilmes Combustibles v. Vigan)

ICC Arbitration Case No. 6281 of 26 August 1989 (Steel bars case) 100B1 [English text]

Germany 13 July 1989 Appellate Court Hamm (Yarn case)

* Netherlands Arrondissementsrechtbank Almelo 21 June 1989 (Societe Nouvelle des Papeteries v. Machinefabriek)

ICC Arbitration Case No. 5904 of 1989

* Italy 24 October 1988 Supreme Court (Kretschmer v. Muratori Enzo) 100B1

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