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Judicial organization in Denmark (Overview)

Source: CISG Denmark website <http://www.cisg.dk>

Cases from the Danish ordinary courts

The Danish Courts are structured in a three-tier system: County Courts (byretter), High Courts (landsretter) and the Supreme Court (Højesteret) (UK terms).Generally, a decision may be appealed only once, and very small cases cannot be appealed at all. But if a decision concerns questions of general public interest, the Board of Appeal may dispense from these rules and grant leave of appeal.

Commercial cases which involve a substantial amount can be taken directly to High Court as first instance or before the Maritime and Commercial Court of Copenhagen. Appeal lies to the Supreme Court.

The jurisdiction of the Supreme Court is therefore entirely appellate. It hears appeals from the Østre Landsret (Eastern High Court), Vestre Landsret (Western High Court) and the Sø- og Handelsretten (The Maritime and Commercial Court of Copenhagen). For further information, see the official website of  The Danish courts and the Court Administration <http://www.domstol.dk/showpage.asp?ID=17>.

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