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Guide to CISG online: Judicial organisation in the Contracting States of the CISG Judicial organisation in France (Overview)

The CISG has entered into force for France on 1 January 1988.
Declarations and reservations

Cour de cassation (Cass.)
Supreme Court; seat in Paris

  • Appeal on questions of law only, against decisions by any court against which no other remedy is available anymore (independent of the value of the dispute) according to Art. L 111-2 COJ. The Cour de cassation does not retry the case itself, but rather verifies that the law was correctly applied by the courts and the courts of appeal.

Cour d'appel (CA)
Court of Appeal (court of the second instance)

  • Appeal against decisions by the T.I. (if value of dispute exceeds FRF 13,000), T.G.I. and Trib. com. according to Art. R 211-1 COJ

Tribunal d'instance (T.I.)
District Court

Disputes in civil matters involving a value not exceeding FRF 30,000 according to Art. R 321-1 COJ

Tribunal de grande instance (T.G.I.)
Higher District Court

Disputes in civil matters involving a value exceeding FRF 30,000 according to Art. R 311-1 COJ

Tribunal de commerce (Trib. com.)
Commercial Court

Disputes between merchants (commercants) or concerning transactions governed by commercial law.
In departements without Trib. com. the jurisdiction over disputes in commercial matters is exercised by the T.G.I.

The above diagram is based on information kindly supplied by wiss. Ass. Dr. Rainer Hornung, Institute of Foreign and International Private Law, University of Freiburg, Germany.

Note: The overview only extends to courts that exercise jurisdiction over international sales contracts under the CISG.

COJ = Code de l'organisation judiciare (French Code of Judicial Organisation)
FRF = French Francs
CISG-France, Prof. Dr. Witz, Saarbrücken (French Case Law on the CISG)
Which court has jurisdiction? (by the French Ministry of Justice)
Cour d'appel de Paris (in French)
Tribunal de Commerce de Toulouse (in French)

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