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DYSTED, Christian

2015. Ethical Defects in Contracts under United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, Thesis, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, Degree in original language: Candidatus Juris, Degree in English: Master of Laws (2015)

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2015. Applicability of CISG to Kuwaiti Businesses, Kuwait International Law School Journal, vol. 2, issue no. 7, (2015) 27-98

LOOKOFSKY, Joseph M. [U.S./Denmark]

2015. CISG Part II in Nordic context, in T. Håstad, ed., The Nordic Contracts Act: Essays in Celebration of its One Hundredth Anniversary, Copenhagen, DJØEF Publishing (2015) Ch. 9, 185-201

LOOKOFSKY, Joseph M. [U.S./Denmark] / HERTZ, Ketilbjørn [Denmark]

2015. EU-PIL: European Union Private International Law in Contract and Tort. 2nd ed. Copenhagen, Juris (2015) 205 p.


2015. 注釈 ウィーン売買条約最終草案 [UNCITRAL 事務局] [Secretariat Commentary on the 1978 draft convention on contracts for the international sale of goods - in Japanese] Japan, Shojihomu Co. (2015) 306 p.

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