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Effective date: 27 April 1992

Declarations and reservations: None.

Historical data: January 1, 1988 is the date the CISG became effective for the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. The Legal Officer in charge of the United Nations Depositary function has reported that the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (states of Montenegro and Serbia) was regarded as successor to this treaty obligation.

UNCITRAL reports: "The former Yugoslavia had signed and ratified the Convention on 11 April 1980 and 27 March 1985, respectively. Reference C.N.254.2001.TREATIES-1 (Depositary Notification) regarding Yugoslavia: Succession, states: "The Secretary-General of the United Nations, acting in his capacity as depositary, communicates the following: The above action was effected on 12 March 2001. The Convention became effective for Yugoslavia on 27 April 1992, the date of State succession."

Former Yugoslav states Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina filed their notices of succession with the United Nations in January 1994. Croatia filed its notice of succession with the United Nations in June 1998. Macedonia filed its notice of succession with the United Nations in November 2006.

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