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A Practical Guide to the CISG: Negotiations through Litigation

Allison E. Butler

A.E. Butler is in-house counsel for several corporations advising on commercial transactions and additional legal matters. She introduces her text as follows:

My first encounter with the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (the "CISG") was several years ago. Although material on the subject existed, I found myself searching for a simple explanation of case law on the subject. At the time there was little case law rendered by U.S. courts; however, I discovered shortly thereafter that due to the internationality of the CISG there exited foreign case law that not only explained the CISG but was also persuasive authority under the terms of the CISG. As such, my primary objective when writing this book was to rely on case law as well as scholarly writings, preferably legal articles by various scholars throughout the world, to provide guidance as to interpretations of the CISG. In addition, I wanted to apply my research to practical application in the courtroom. Hence, I have included forms and other textual materials so a practitioner need only refer to the Appendix to resolve, it is hoped, a substantive or procedural issue. Each chapter also contains a "Practical Application" section, which provides further insight based on my research.

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