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1980 Vienna Diplomatic Conference

G. Report of the First Committee
[Outline of committee proceedings]
Document A/CONF.97/11 [Original: English 7 April 1980]

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Article 9 [became CISG article 10 ]

A. UNCITRAL text [1978 draft]
B. Amendments
C. Proceedings in the First Committee
D. Subsequent proceedings
E. Overview comments


1. The text [of the 1978 draft ] of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law provided as follows:

"Article 9 [became CISG article 10 ]

For the purposes of this Convention:

(a) if a party has more than one place of business, the place of business is that which has the closest relationship to the contract and its performance, having regard to the circumstances known to or contemplated by the parties at any time before or at the conclusion of the contract;

(b) if a party does not have a place of business, reference is to be made to his habitual residence."

[Go to Secretariat Commentary on the above text]

[See also pre-Conference observations and proposals by Governments and International Organizations]

B. Amendments

2. Amendments were submitted by the Federal Republic of Germany (A/CONF.97/C.1/L.18) and Pakistan (A/CONF.97/C.1/L.67).

3. These amendments were to the following effect:

(i) Federal Republic of Germany (A/CONF.97/C.1/L.18):

The following sub-paragraph (c) should be added: "(c) 'writing' includes telegram and telex."

[Adopted: see Consideration, 5, below.]

(ii) Pakistan (A/CONF.97/C.1 /L.67):

Add to article 9 [became CISG article 10 ] a definition of the term "party" used therein.

[Withdrawn, subject to the inclusion of a statement in the summary records: see Consideration, 5, below.]

C. Proceedings in the First Committee

(i) Meetings

4. The First Committee considered this article at its 7th meeting on 14 March 1980 [see also 35th meeting of First Committee].

(ii) Consideration

5. At the 7th meeting, the amendment by Pakistan (A/CONF.97/C.1/L.67) was withdrawn subject to a statement being included in the summary records of Committee I, that in the understanding of the Committee, the term "party" included a state agency participating in international trade. The amendment by the Federal Republic of Germany (A/CONF.97/C.1/L.18) was adopted, by 36 votes in favour, and none against, and the UNCITRAL text adopted subject to this amendment.

[D. Subsequent Proceedings]

[For subsequent Conference material on the development/approval of the final text of CISG article 10, go to Plenary Conference 6th meeting (continued)]

[E. Overview Comments]

[English translation of report on the significance of the deliberations on this article at the Diplomatic Conference: prepared by Peter Schlechtriem, based on notes taken at the conference and published shortly thereafter]

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